Conference Bids

The Conference Bids Subcommittee is responsible for handling review of bids for financially sponsored conferences, focusing on locations, venues, general chairs/co-chairs, dates and submission deadlines. The Subcommittee on Conference Bids makes recommendations for enhancing the proposals and provides comments to help Conference Committee to evaluate the bids. The Subcommittee on Conference Bids has a chair in charge of these duties, and a subcommittee membership.

Conference Bids Chair

Carlos A. Coello Coello portrait
Carlos A. Coello Coello
Conference Bids Chair
Department of Computer Science

Conference Bids Members

Keeley Crockett portrait
Keeley Crockett
Conference Bids Members
Department of Computing and Mathematics
Manchester Metropolitan University
Amir Hussain portrait
Amir Hussain
Conference Bids Members
School of Computing
Napier University
Chin-Teng Lin portrait
Chin-Teng Lin
Conference Bids Members
School of Computer Science
University Technology of Sydney