Technical Co-Sponsorship Conferences

The Subcommittee on Technical Co-Sponsorship is responsible for reviewing and approving proposals for technical co-sponsorship. Upon receipt the subcommittee chair assesses the proposal for discrepancies and brings these to the attention of the Vice President for Conferences for further clarification, and/or highlights them during subcommittee discussion. The subcommittee evaluates the proposal regarding items such as the conference topics, location, organizing committee and conference dates. The complete information on the Application Package for Technical Co-Sponsored Conferences can be accessed at Application Packet for IEEE CIS Technical Co-Sponsored Conferences.

2024 Technical Co-Sponsorship Subcommittee Members

Name Affiliation Country/Region
Sheridan Houghten (Chair) Brock University Canada
Bing Xue Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand
Keeley Crockett Manchester Metropolitan University UK
Gui DeSouza University of Missouri USA