Getting Involved in Conferences & Events

Our Society likes to involve volunteers in conference organization and management.

Are you interested in assisting with conferences and workshops? You are invited to become one of our active members!

Here you find some examples of volunteering in this area:

  • actively attend workshops, symposia and conferences: ask questions, interact with your peers, exchange ideas,
  • cooperate in running one of these events: you could distribute the call for papers and the call for participation, design and implement the meeting web site, write papers in your area of expertise, review papers, prepare the files for the proceedings, assist in setting up the meeting site, welcome attendees at the registration desk, assist with audiovisual needs, set up poster room, provide information and tourist hints to attendees,
  • become involved in proposing a meeting: you could discuss the contracts with service providers, arrange the social events with hotel and restaurants, prepare the budget, prepare the proposal to be submitted to the CIS governing bodies, contact volunteers or manage a group of volunteers,
  • propose a new meeting: you could serve as a general chair and define the structure and the management of the meeting, or as program chair who leads the organization of the technical program and the selection of the papers,
  • mentor young colleagues in proposing and organizing a meeting.

Contact the Vice President for Conferences, Leandro Minku ( or Vice President for Members Activities, Sanaz Mostaghim (sanaz.mostaghim@OVGU.DE) or the organizers of one of the meeting that have already been approved and become one of our most pro-active members!

We need each and every one of YOU!