IEEE CIS is highly pleased and honored to support recognition of outstanding IEEE Senior Members who have achieved unique results and exceptional performance in all areas of computational intelligence science, technologies, education, profession, organization, and leadership.


This highest-level recognition is the elevation to the IEEE Fellow grade. More information about this level of membership and requisites is available at the IEEE Fellows Program page.

Do you know any uniquely qualified CIS Senior Member who deserves elevation to the IEEE Fellow grade? Please, do not hesitate to nominate him/her!

Do you need help? Please, do not hesitate to contact the Vice President for Members Activities.

The CIS Fellows Committee is responsible for evaluating, on the behalf of CIS in the IEEE evaluation process, the nominations of outstanding IEEE Senior Members in computational intelligence for elevation to the IEEE Fellow grade. Members of the CIS Fellows Committee are not eligible to serve as nominators or referees.

Online Nomination Process for IEEE Fellow Grade

Nominations for the class of 2023 are open, all forms due 1-March-2022!

Congratulations to the IEEE Fellows Elevated as of January 2022:

Nitesh Chawla

Thomas Baeck

Erik Cambria

Humberto Bustince

Qing Li

Chunhua Yang


Thomas Runkler

Zhijun Li

Bernhard Sendhoff

Fellows Committe Chair


Gary G. Yen


Fellows Committee Vice Chair

506 tan kay chen

KC Tan
Hong Kong



Name Country Email
Pau-Choo Chung Taiwan pcchung@ee.ncku.edu.tw
Haibo He USA haibohe@uri.edu
Jun Wang Hong Kong jwang.cs@cityu.edu.hk
Akira Hirose Japan ahirose@ee.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Zeng-Guang Hou China zengguang.hou@ia.ac.cn
Sushimita Mitra India somosmita.sushmita@gmail.com
Leszek Rutowski Poland leszek.rutkowski@pcz.pl
Hao Ying USA hao.ying@wayne.edu
Faa-Jeng Lin Taiwan linfj@ee.ncu.edu.tw
Hani Hagras UK hani@essex.ac.uk
Dipti Srinivasan Singapore dipti@nus.edu.sg
Hussein Abbass Australia hussein.abbass@gmail.com
Yew Soon Ong Singapore asysong@ntu.edu.sg
Thomas Bäck Netherlands t.h.w.baeck@liacs.leidenuniv.nl
Yiu-Ming Cheung Hong Kong ymcheung789@gmail.com