Future Conferences

The Subcommittee on Future Conferences has a chair in charge of the following duties, together with its subcommittee members. The Subcommittee on Future Conferences is responsible for the research on possible venues and chairs for future instances of CIS sponsored conferences. The Subcommittee on Future Conferences is in charge of soliciting new sponsored conference proposals and all efforts will be done to obtain several bids among which a choice can be made by Conference Committee and proposed to ADCOM for approval. The Subcommittee may solicit proposals for technically co-sponsored conferences. Ideally, the Subcommittee on Future Conferences will perform the above duties while promoting and assisting the proposers in planning for greater industry collaboration, industry involvement and participation in/from underrepresented IEEE and CIS regions.

Future Conferences Chair

Gary B.  Fogel portrait
Gary B. Fogel
Future Conferences Chair
Natural Selection, Inc.

Future Conferences Members

Steven Corns portrait
Steven Corns
Future Conferences Members
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Gary G. Yen portrait
Gary G. Yen
Future Conferences Members
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Oklahoma State University