Mission/Vision/Field of Interest (FOI)



The CIS Adcom approved the updates to the Society Strategic Plan at their June 2023 meeting. The plan lays out a set of priorities and a framework for advancing strategic efforts across our society to collectively meet the Strategic Goals and Objectives over the next three years.

CIS is committed to ensuring that our revised CIS Core Values and Guiding Principles lay the foundation of all our activities, including:

• Community

• Integrity, quality, trustworthiness, and transparency

• Diversity, inclusion, equity, accessibility and human well-being

• Service to humanity

• Partnership

• Growth and Nurturing

The approved plan includes updates to the Society Mission, Vision and Field of Interest:

Mission Statement

To serve as an incubator for the advancement of computational intelligence and the associated professional growth of all our members, fostering technological and foundational innovation and excellence, exploring new and emerging directions and applications of computational intelligence for the benefit of humanity and the natural world.


To be the preferred home for students and professionals seeking knowledge growth and dissemination of Computational Intelligence, so as to address the world’s greatest challenges together and achieve a better tomorrow, and the day after.

Field of Interest

The IEEE Technical Activities Board approved a revised field of interest statement for CIS at their November 2023 Meeting. The revisions ensure that the statement aligns with the current direction of the society and alignment with the Strategic Plan.

The Field of Interest of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) shall be the theory, design, application, and development of nature and brain inspired knowledge representation and computational paradigms emphasizing neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence algorithms, fuzzy and rule-based systems and cognitive systems, together with learning and artificially intelligent systems in which these paradigms are contained.