Conference Closeout

IEEE CIS sponsored conferences

Sole sponsored or co-sponsored conferences MUST be closed within six months after the end of the conference.

They cannot be formally closed until a number of financial statements, forms and other documentation are submitted to the IEEE Conference Services ( The CIS does not require copies of these documents.

Conference closeout must be done promptly to prevent penalties. The CIS expects all required conference closeout documentation to be submitted to IEEE Conference Services ( no later than 90 days after the conference. The steps necessary to close a conference are listed on the IEEE Post Conference Activities webpage (

The conference general chair should contact IEEE Conference Services ( directly for any questions about the conference closeout procedures.

The conference general chair shall provide the CIS Vice President for Conferences with the following statistics within 30 days of the event:

  • Number of submissions,
  • Number of accepted papers,
  • Number of accepted papers for oral presentation,
  • Number of accepted papers for poster presentation,
  • Countries of origin of authors of accepted papers,
  • Number of attendees,
  • Number of attendees who are IEEE professional members,
  • Number of attendees who are IEEE student members,
  • Number of attendees who are professionals non-members,
  • Number of attendees who are students non-members,
  • Number of female attendees,
  • Number of male attendees,
  • Affiliation of attendees (academia or industry),
  • Region of attendees,
  • Number of special sessions,
  • Number of symposia/workshops,
  • Number of tutorials,
  • Number of competitions
  • Number of female keynote speakers
  • Number of male keynote speakers

IEEE CIS technically co-sponsored conferences

There is no CIS involvement in closing a conference if technical co-sponsorship is the only level of participation.

The conference organizing committee will be asked to provide the following to the CIS VP for Conferences within 30 days after the conference:

Number of papers submitted

Number of papers accepted

Number of oral and poster presentations

Number of attendees

List of keynote speakers: names, affiliations, country, and talk title (if any)