Application Packet for IEEE CIS Sponsored Conferences

Each financially (co-) sponsored event is part of a series whilst being the event organizers' contribution to this series. We welcome new/revised initiatives that the GC may wish to introduce to strengthen the event and make the event 'their own' whilst meeting the historical expectations of the delegates for this series. Please include such initiatives in your application for your planned event.

To support your pre-application process, as well as to support the organization of an IEEE CIS financially (co-) sponsored technical events, IEEE CIS provides a complete conference organization guide in the form of a tool that encompasses the many activities needed in this process as well as useful hints and guidelines with links to related information. You can find this valuable information source at

To support the preparation of your application package, IEEE CIS provides a Checklist list IEEE CIS Checklist for the Application Package for financially (co-) sponsored events. The goal of the checklist is to ensure that IEEE CIS ConfCom has a complete proposal to be able to assess the viability and strengths of the proposal and thus conduct a strong evaluation.

Prior to submission, please check off the checklist items to confirm that you have included them in the proposal. You will then be able to submit your application packet. If you wish to submit any supplementary material to be included in the evaluation, these should be submitted as part of your application package. The complete Application Package will be automatically sent to the IEEE CIS Vice President of Conferences.

 After receiving the Application Package, the CIS Vice President for Conferences will present the application packet to the CIS Conferences Committee for review and evaluation. The committee vote for or against approval. Applications for sole sponsorship or co-sponsorship also require CIS Administrative Committee (ADCOM) approval. The CIS Vice President for Conferences will forward the application packet and the CIS Conferences Committee recommendation to the CIS President, who presents them to ADCOM. ADCOM reviews and evaluates all application packets received from the CIS Conferences Committee and votes for or against approval. In particular, ADCOM must approve the conference budget before releasing any funds. ADCOM also approves the choice of the general chair(s), the venue, the dates and the submission deadlines for all conferences, symposiums and workshops sponsored or co-sponsored by the CIS.

The CIS Vice President for Conferences informs the conference general chair of the ADCOM vote outcome.

It should be noted that:

  • The general chair(s) and finance chair must be clearly involved in the bid preparation, and one of them must present the bid to the IEEE CIS Conference Committee.
  • The approved General Chair(s), Program/Technical Chair(s) and Finance Chair(s) cannot be changed without approval from the IEEE CIS Conference and Administrative Committees.
  • Any revisions to a previously approved budget, no matter how minor, must be submitted to the CIS Vice President for Conferences for re-approval.
  • Any deadline extension, whatever its length, must be submitted to the CIS Vice President for Conferences for re-approval.
  • For WCCI, the three conferences must have the same structure of organizers and be equally represented in all scientific positions (panels, awards, posters, awards, etc.).

IEEE Conference Services

IEEE conference services are involved only with sole sponsored and co-sponsored conferences. Numerous services are available, including banking, webpage design and credit card processing. Details can be found on the IEEE Meeting & Conference Management Services webpage.