Task Forces

Under the supervision of the Conference Committee, Task Forces (TFs) are responsible for activities that promote the development and support of regional technical meetings, specifically in regions where additional support and guidance would be beneficial. Typical examples of the focused activities include organizing symposia, and workshops, for the IEEE CIS sponsored conferences.

Each Task Force shall have a Chair, one or two Vice Chairs, and some TF Members. The Vice President must approve the appointment of the Task Force Chair. The TF Members should ideally number between 10 and 20.

The terms of the Task Force Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Members are one year beginning January 1, through December 31. No more than four consecutive full terms as the TF Chair of the same Task Force is permitted.

The creation, termination and name change of Task Forces need the approval of the Vice President for Conferences and the President of the IEEE CIS. A proposal for a new Task Force is initiated by the IEEE CIS Conference Committee or a Conference Sub-committee Chair and submitted to the Vice President for Conferences. The proposal shall include (i) the proposed name of the Task Force; (ii) the proposed Task Force Chair, one or two Vice Chairs, and a number of Members; (iii) a short biography of the TF Chair and the TF Vice-Chair(s); (iv) justification for the creation (e.g., scope and mission); (v) focused regional area, and (vi) a list of planned regional activities.

Task Force shall maintain a website for the Task Force, including the name of the Task Force, the scope and mission, the name and contact details of the Chair and Vice Chairs and a list of Members. Events organized or planned by the Task Force shall also be included.


Current Task Forces:

Computational Intelligence in Latin America