Fuzzy Systems Technical Committee

TC fuzzy

Who We Are

The Fuzzy Systems Technical Committee (FSTC) is established to promote the research, development, education, and understanding of fuzzy systems technology, including the creation of fuzzy systems theory and models as well as their applications.

What We Do

The FSTC shall engage in various activities in order to promote fuzzy systems as a viable technology, including but not limited to the following:

  • Recommend candidates to the Awards Committee for the CIS Pioneer Award in Fuzzy Systems area and the Technical Field Award
  • Nominate papers for Best Paper Awards to the Awards Committee from papers published in the Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
  • Propose special sessions to the CIS-sponsored conference organizers
  • Participate in paper reviews and selection for CIS-sponsored conferences and publications
  • Promote IEEE Senior Members and Fellows program
  • Collaborate on production of tutorials, and book series with the Multimedia Committee
  • Maintain the Committee’s website
  • Facilitate local chapters activities and organize specialized workshops or meetings.
  • The FSTC will assist in soliciting conference proposals and actively work with the organizers of CIS sponsored conferences to ensure their technical excellence

Committees Membership

  • Marek Reformat, Chair
  • Anna Wilbik and Jin Hee Yoon, Vice Chairs

Current directory of Chairs and members: Fuzzy Systems Technical Committee Members

FSTC members are appointed to serve one year term. Reappointment is allowed.

Chair is appointed by CIS President.  2 Vice Chairs are appointed by Chair and endorsed by CIS VP of Technical Activities.  TC Members are appointed by Chair and endorsed by CIS VP of Technical Activities.  (Number of members varies, typically less than 20)

If you are interested in being considered for a position on the Fuzzy Systems Technical Committee, or would like more information on the activities of the Committee please send an email to cis-fstc@ieee.org.  If you are intersted in being considered for a position on the committee, with a link to your CV.

Task Forces

The committee has established the Task Forces below to focus on specific activities within the Committee:


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