High School Outreach Subcommittee

The High School Outreach Subcommittee aims to facilitate the outreach to high-school students between the ages of 12-18 and their teachers. In order for the high school students and teachers to know about CIS-related techniques, we would also design introduction courses of the three fundamental pillars of computational intelligence: Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, and Evolutionary Computation. The contents of the course materials will be designed suitable for beginners who wish to find out more about these areas.

Our vision is to find ways of bringing Computational Intelligence into the classroom to inspire young computer scientists. Current Material that is freely available for you to download and use is:

Neural Networks:

Fuzzy Systems:

Evolutionary Computation:

IEEE CIS Pre-College Activities - Selected Videos from the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Channel of IEEE.tv



This call for CI High School Education program is to encourage the organization of education programs on Computation Intelligence techniques, including the theory and related applications for high school students. Any CIS Member or Student Member can apply for the partly support from CIS for organizing education activities for high school students. 


The application should include the program agenda, which contains the aims of the program, local organizer (including high school partners), expected program agenda (topics, the lecturers, and the hand on experiment design (if any)), the expected date and venue, the estimated budget planning, and the registration. It is suggested that the prevention process for CIVID-19 taken during the summer school, is also described. If an application is accepted, about $2K will be supported for the activity.

Review Process:

The application will be reviewed by the HSO subcommittee and the results will be notified within 3 weeks, if no further clarification requested, after the application received. 


The applications will be evaluated as a first come first reviewed basis, until the budget runs out. The application should be submitted to Chair of High School Outreach Subcommittee, Chang-Shing Lee at leecs@mail.nutn.edu.tw no later than October 1, 2022.


Contact Us

If you would like to contribute or have any questions, please contact the Chair of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society HighSchool Outreach sub-committee Chair, Chang-Shing Lee.  

High School Outreach Subcommittee Chair

Markus Wagner portrait
Markus Wagner
High School Outreach Subcommittee Chair
Department of Data Science and AI
University of Adelaide

High School Outreach Subcommittee Member

Rashi Agarwal portrait
Rashi Agarwal
High School Outreach Subcommittee Member
Department of CSE
Harcourt Butler Technical University
Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul portrait
Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul
High School Outreach Subcommittee Member
Computer Engineering Department
Chiang Mai University
Chang-Shing Lee portrait
Chang-Shing Lee
High School Outreach Subcommittee Member
Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering
National University of Tainan,Taiwan