Continuing Education

The Sub-Committee on Continuing Education of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) aims at providing members, designers and researchers in the industrial sector with assistance and support for using tools of computational intelligence and their applications to various industrial sectors. The initial goal is to make industry aware of the unique capabilities and appropriate applications of computational intelligence techniques. A secondary goal is to supply modules to train industrial researchers in a particular niche.

Existing Resources

The committee puts at the disposal of its members a large repository or archived material, including lectures, tutorials, webinars, and courses. Most of these resources are part of the CIS Resource Center available to members at large. The Committee will target among this knowledge base, pertinent material that can be used by members of the industrial sectors.

Selected Material by Topic

Lectures/Plenary Talks:




For further information on the committee or if you wish to take part in its various activities, please email the Sub-Committee Chair or any other members of the Committee.


Continuing Education Committee Chair

Deana  Delp portrait
Deana Delp
Continuing Education Committee Chair
Engineering Academic and Student Affairs
Arizona State University

Continuing Education Committee Member

Emilio Miguel Martin portrait
Emilio Miguel Martin
Continuing Education Committee Member
Technology Programme Manager
SeeByte Ltd
Luke  Smith portrait
Luke Smith
Continuing Education Committee Member
Arizona State University Entrepreneurial Mentor
Industry Advisory Board, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Nebraska, Grand Canyon University, Ph.D. Student