Guidelines for Paper Submission

Submission of Final Manuscript

Page Numbers: Number all pages, including illustrations (which should be grouped at the end), in a single series, with no omitted numbers. Figures should be identified with the figure number and author's name at the bottom or on the back; keep the information in the margin, off the body of the figure.

References and Captions: Put references on a separate page and provide them in IEEE style. Figure captions should also be on a separate page from references and content. Do not include captions on the illustrations themselves. Figure captions should be sufficiently clear so that the figures can be understood without detailed reference to the accompanying text. Axes of graphs should have self-explanatory labels, not just symbols, wherever appropriate.

Illustrations and Photos: Figures and photos should be original figures and not photocopies. Photos must be glossy prints without screens. Laser prints are not acceptable in place of photos or where gray-scale graphics are involved. All line drawings and photos should be in black and white, unless specifically requested. Letters should be large enough to be readily legible when the drawing is reduced to two or one-column width - as much as 4:1 reduction from the original. All materials should be no larger than 22 x 28 cm (8.5 x 11 in).

Electronic Form for Final Printing: For the final printed production of the manuscript, the author will need to upload all text and graphics source files of the final accepted article to ScholarOne Manuscript at Please be certain that final changes made to the article are incorporated into the final source files. Check that all files are complete including abstract, text references, footnotes, biographies, figures and captions. For figures, tables, and author photos, fiff, .eps, or .ps formats are preferred , but all types of graphic formats are accepted. All graphic files will be converted to tiff or eps. For more information on submitting source files and graphics, please visit URL: for "Article Preparation and Submission."

An IEEE LaTeX style file or Word Template can be obtained at the URL: