Types of Contributions

Types of Contributions

The IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (TEVC), published six times a year, publishes archival journal-quality original papers in evolutionary computation and related areas. TEVC publishes three types of articles: regular papers, letters, and survey papers. Letters are normally 6 pages or less. Review management is primarily under the direction of an associate editor, who will solicit reviews for each submission. The associate editor will ordinarily make a recommendation after receiving three reviews (two for letters). To avoid delays in processing your paper, please follow these guidelines.


Comments on Published Papers

The transactions does publish comments readers may make on previously published papers. Every Comments on a Paper (CoP) is processed in the following manner:

  1. CoPs are reviewed by one of the authors of the paper commented on plus two independent reviewers selected by the Editor-in-Chief.
  2. If the review outcome is a clear acceptance or rejection the process ends.
  3. If the Editor-in-Chief finds the CoP publishable but the authors/reviewers disagree, then the authors are given an opportunity to submit a rebuttal paper (RP).
  4. The RP will be reviewed by the CoP author and the two reviewers selected by the Editor-in-Chief.
  5. If the review outcome is a clear acceptance or rejection the process ends. Otherwise the Editor-in-Chief makes a decision. This decision is final.

If both the CoP and RP are accepted, they will be published in the same issue of the transactions.

A CoP should be submitted through the ScholarOne Manuscript system as a letter. In the cover letter to the Editor-in-Chief the authors should clearly state the submission is a CoP.