Evolutionary Computation Demo

This downloadable demo looks at how a number of evolutionary algorithms can be used to try and solve the Knapsack Problem.

Imagine, you are going on an overnight hike and have a number of items that you could take along. Each item has a weight (in pounds) and a benefit or value to you on the hike (for measurement's sake let us say, in US dollars), and you can take one of each item at most. There is a capacity limit on the weight you can carry (known as a constraint). This problem only illustrates one constraint, but in reality, there could be many constraints including volume, time, etc.

This demo explores how we can solve this problem using 4 different evolutionary algorithms!



Running the Demo

Download the demo here and save to your machine.
Unzip the file and run.

Important Note

The demo is compatible only with 32 and 64 bit Windows.