Introduction to Evolutionary Computation

This teaching pack is designed to introduce a number of evolutionary algorithms to 14 to 18-year-olds.

The pack comprises:

  • An interactive PowerPoint presentation featuring key facts and introductory information on optimisation and how evolutionary algorithms can be used to solve optimisation problems.
  • Provides a basic introduction to one of the most fundamental evolutionary algorithms known as the genetic algorithms.
  • Introduces a simple Knapsack activity- how do you choose which items to take on a hike when your Knapsack has a weight limit.
  • An interactive demo exploring how evolutionary algorithms can solve the knapsack problem.


The interactive Evolutionary Computation slides can be downloaded as a pdf here.

 optimization knapsack geneticalgorithm mutation


Video Materials

Watch this inspiring video by the 2013 IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Video Competition Winners

Evolutionary Computation - A Technology Inspired by Nature

videocomp2013 ec