IEEE CIS Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award Nomination Instructions

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) recognizes outstanding Ph.D. dissertations that have contributed to the advancement of theory and/or applications of computational intelligence through its Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award established in 2004. For the current round of competition, any PhD dissertation completed in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 will be eligible for consideration. The prize includes a $1,000 honorarium and a certificate. Please note no self-nomination is allowed. For those who are interested in submitting a nomination for the IEEE CIS Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award, the materials needed are the following:

• Nomination Letter with the following information:

  • Nominator: name, affiliation and email address of nominator
  • Nominee: name, affiliation, postal address and email address of nominee
  • Dissertation: title of the dissertation, institution in which the degree was conferred o Proposed Citation: provide suggestion for the complete, correct and succinct citation. The Awards Committee reserves the right to make any necessary change on the citation.
  • List of Publication in journals and conference proceedings generated by the research reported in the PhD dissertation;
  • Other information, if applicable, that can be used for the evaluation of the PhD dissertation.

• Up to five reference letters supporting the nomination.

• Nominated Dissertation in PDF format.

The complete nomination packet must be saved in a single pdf file containing the above information in the given order. The name of the file must be surname_of_nominee-PhD.pdf.

The complete nomination packet must be submitted by email to the Awards Soliciting Nominations Subcommittee Chair, Prof. Sanaz Mostaghim ( and a copy to Only when the Awards Chair acknowledges receipt of the nomination packet, the submission procedure can be considered complete.

The deadline is April 30 (strict deadline). Self-nominations are not allowed.

The list of past awardees is provided below for reference:

2020: Zhen Ni, "Goal Representation Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Machine Intelligence", University of Rhode Island, Aug 2015

2019: Ran Cheng, "Nature Inspired Optimization of Large Problems". University of Surrey, United Kingdom, March 2016

2018: Zhi-Hui Zhan "Research into Machine Learning Aided Particle Swarm Optimization and Its Engineering Applications". Sun Yat-sen University, China,  May 2013

2017: Daniel Leite, "Evolving granular systems". University of Campinas, Brazil, 2013

2016: Wei-Neng Chen, "Set-Based Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization and its Application to Project Resource Scheduling," Sun Yat-Sen University, China, 2012

2015: Yong Wang, “Evolutionary Algorithm for Complex Continuous Optimization Problems,” Central South University, China, 2011

2014: Jane Jing Liang, “Novel Particle Swarm Optimizers with Hybrid, Dynamic and Adaptive Neighborhood Structures,” Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2009

2013: Haiping Lu “Multilinear Subspace Learning for Face and Gait Recognition” University of Toronto, Canada, 2009 2012: Dongrui Wu, “Intelligent Systems for Decisions Support,” University of Southern California, USA, 2009

2011: Huanhuan Chen, “Diversity and Regularization in Neural Network Ensembles,” University of Birmingham, UK, 2008

2010: Michael Mavroforakis, “Geometric Approach to Statistical Learning Theory Through Support Vector Machines with Application to Medical Diagnosis,” University of Athens, Greece, 2008

2009: Siang Yew Chong, “Generalization and Diversity in Co-evolutionary Learning,” University of Birmingham, U.K., 2007

2008: Damien Coyle, “Intelligent Preprocessing and Feature Extraction Techniques for a Brain Computer Interface,” University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, UK, 2006

2007: Juwei Lu, “Discriminant Learning for Face Recognition,” University of Toronto, Canada, 2004

If you have any questions regarding the IEEE CIS Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award nomination, please feel free to contact Awards Committee Chair Cesare Alippi at