Students Activities

CIS Student Activities Subcommittee strives to promote the student participation in various CIS activities. It has the following major tasks:

  • Organize student activities in CIS-sponsored conferences (e.g., student/GOLD receptions, student poster competition, student games-based competition jointly sponsored by CIS Educational Activities, etc.);
  • Cooperate in organizing activities in CIS Student Chapters.

The objectives of the CIS Student Activities Subcommittee can be summarized as follows:

  • To increase the interaction between students and professional members of IEEE CIS
  • To increase the awareness and interest of the students to the computational intelligence and related subjects
  • To monitor and mentor the IEEE CIS student activities
  • To make recommendations to IEEE CIS on matters concerning students
  • To provide opportunities for student members to participate into the CIS-related conferences and summer schools
  • To provide ways to the student members to publicize their IEEE CIS related works in corresponding publications
  • To contribute to the mission of IEEE to Inspire, Enable, Empower and Engage student members of the IEEE CIS

The Subcommittee welcomes other activity suggestions for getting more students involved in CIS.

Student Activities Committee Chair

Jialin Liu portrait
Jialin Liu
Student Activities Committee Chair
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Southern University of Science and Technology

Student Activities Committee Member

Albert Y.S.  Lam portrait
Albert Y.S. Lam
Student Activities Committee Member
Fano Labs, Hong Kong & The University of Hong Kong
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong