IEEE CIS Outstanding Organization Award Nomination Instructions

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) recognizes outstanding organizations that contributed to the advancement of theory, technologies, and/or applications of computational intelligence through inventions, new technology, innovative technical developments, new product implementation, or the management of innovative product design or production processes through this award that was established in 2010. Any organizations (e.g., corporations, governmental bodies, industrial laboratories) that have been established prior to the calendar year when the recipient of the award is selected are eligible. The organizations that employ any member of this Award Subcommittee are not eligible for this award. The prize is a plaque. All material submitted for the evaluation must be in English.

Evaluation: The candidate organization’s achievements will be evaluated comprehensively in light of:

• a description of the organization’s history, activities, and achievements, in which the achievements in computational intelligence are described clearly (25%);

• outcomes that constitute tangible items usable by the scientific and professional communities, as well as by government agencies or people in daily life (62.5%);

• reference letters by individuals, including scientists, professional engineers, or government officers (12.5%).

For those who are interested in submitting a nomination for the Outstanding Organization Award, the following materials need to be submitted:

• Nomination Letter with the following information:

  • Nominator: name, affiliation and email address of nominator
  • Nominated Organization: organization name and its president/director, postal address, email address and webpage address
  • Basis for Nomination: detailed documentation to justify the nomination, including a description of the organization and the outcomes.
  • Proposed Citation: provide suggestion for the complete, correct and succinct citation. The Awards Committee reserves the right to make any necessary change on the citation.

• Up to five reference letters supporting the nomination.

The complete nomination packet must be saved in a single pdf file containing the above information in the given order. The name of the file must be name_of_organizationOganization.pdf.

Your nomination is to be submitted as a single PDF file via the 2024 IEEE CIS Awards Nomination online form byApril 30 (strict deadline). Self-nominations are not allowed.