Women in Computational Intelligence

CIS is fully committeed to ensure equal opportunities to both genders in the Society's life and the computational intelligence arena.

The Women in Computational Intelligence Sub-Committee (WCI-Committee) develops, promotes, organizes and runs activities directed to achieve the above goal.

The greater community of women in the computational intelligence field (WCI-Community) includes the WCI-Committee, all women CIS members, plus IEEE Women-in-Engineering members, and other women who are in the computational intelligence field regardless of whether they are CIS or IEEE members. The WCI-Committee activities are directed specifically to this community.

The WCI-Committee creates and emails the Women in Computational Intelligence Newsletters to the whole WCI-Community, as a way to share ideas, opportunities, questions, concerns, stories, and much more.

Help in building a strong WCI-Community! Send your contributions to the WCI Sub-Committee Chair and Newsletter Editor for possible inclusion in the WCI Newsletter.

If you work in the computational intelligence area and are currently not a CIS member, please join our Society! ...and join the WCI-Community!

For more information or suggestions, please contact the WCI Sub-Committee Chair. 

Join our Facebook group at IEEE CIS Women in Computational Intelligence to receive regular updates of our activities and how you can participate!

For details of past activities see  the web site

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