Games Technical Committee


This organization is known as the Games Technical Committee (GTC) of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE).

Purpose and Scope

Games provide competitive dynamic environments and are therefore an ideal domain for the study and application of computational intelligence. The GTC exists to promote the research and development of this fertile area of study, aiming to provide a greater understanding of which computational intelligence methods work best on which type of problem, and how games can be enriched by more intelligent agents both for serious purposes, for more entertaining game-play, reduced game development costs, and exciting new genres of game.


The GTC members are appointed by the CIS President with the agreement of the GTC Chair for a one-year term. The term of service expires at the end of the calendar year for which they have been appointed.


The GTC Chair is appointed by the CIS President with the agreement of the CIS EXCOM for a one-year term. The term of service expires at the end of the calendar year for which the GTC Chair has been appointed. No more than two consecutive full terms are permitted.


There is no membership fee for joining the GTC. Funding for the committee shall be provided by the CIS in the annual budget request. Once approved by the CIS ExCom and AdCom, funds will be available to support the GTC activities. The Chair shall be responsible for the appropriate use of the approved funds with supporting documentation.


The GTC shall engage in various activities in order to identify and nurture emergent technologies of interest to the CIS, including but not limited to the following: organise the annual IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games; organise game-based competitions to enable effective evaluation of a wide range of computational intelligence techniques; the propose special sessions to the CIS-sponsored conference organizers; participate in paper reviews and selection for CIS-sponsored conferences and publications; promote IEEE Senior Members and Fellows program; collaborate on production of tutorials, and book series with the Multimedia Committee; facilitate local chapters activities and organize specialized workshops or meetings. The GTC will assist in soliciting conference proposals and actively work with the organizers of CIS sponsored conferences to ensure their technical excellence.


Meetings will be called by the Chair usually twice per year, in conjunction with the IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games, and with the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation. Meetings are open to all members of the committee.


This Charter becomes official after at least 2/3 members present at the Committee Meeting approves it. Subsequent changes and amendments also require 2/3 majority vote.

Task Forces

Real Time Strategy Games, Chair: Mike Preuss

Player Modelling, Chair: Noor Shaker

Procedural Content Generation, Chair: Julian Togelius and Gillian Smith

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