The Multimedia subcommittee aims to promote Computational Intelligence to people in all stages of education by selecting, acquiring and distributing fundamental knowledge in the area. The mission of the subcommittee is to benefit the CIS community and external visitors. We aim to serve member needs in continuing education, promote new and exciting research areas, provide access to rich and timely seminars, lecture series and invited talks. These goals are achieved by managing the filming of selected tutorials, keynote and plenary talks at key CIS-sponsored conferences for dissemination via the CIS Video Collection hosted on by the Educational Materials Subcommittee.

Invitation to Contribute

We welcome your contributions! We are looking for good quality multimedia introductions to key CIS topics (e.g. animations, videos) suitable for a range of audiences. We would like to extend our collection by including links to multimedia for the pre-college age-group, and also for a non-specialist audience. Please contact us with details of existing or new materials to add to our repository. Thank you!



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