Publicity of Curriculum Activities

  • UCSC portal:

We are working to improve the accessibility and attractiveness of the university curriculum portal. This site will soon be linked to course materials with the option to connect to the CIS Educational Repository.

  • Social networking:

We have a discussion group at; interested fellows are strongly encouraged to join and contribute. Other social networking involvement is also considered.

  • Coordination with other subcommittees:

Coordination our activities with other education sub/committees through VP for Education. Potential areas are the educational repository and tutorials as well as standards, and webinars.

  • Publicity materials:

Regular updates to the CIS newsletter, publish material in blogs, and forums. Propose a special issue in relevant periodicals (e.g., CIM) on university curriculum issues as well as Panels and Special Sessions at the CI flagship conferences.

  • Events:

We had a Panel at WCCI2012 in Brisbane on “Computational Intelligence in Education and University Curricula,” see the box. The Panel extensively discussed textbook issues.