Computational Intelligence Course Database

  • Maintaining Course Database:

At present we have a database of over 100 courses covering various aspects of computational intelligence taught both at undergraduate and graduate levels. The database has been created by Luis Magdalena and his colleagues from the European Centre for Soft Computing, Spain.

  • Expansion of Database:

We are collecting course materials all over the world. If you are involved in education, you are encouraged to make your course material available for broader use through our database. In this way you not only increase your own visibility but help the community and receive a useful feedback from the benefited: a win-win situation.

  • Endorsement of Courses in the Database:

Courses with complete materials are assessed by our subcommittee. Once a course, present on a web site, and its online material has been reviewed for completeness and accessibility, this course may be recommended for CIS educators and the course web site linked through the IEEE CIS Education Center for broader publicity.