Smart World Technical Committee


This organization is known as Smart World Technical Committee (SWTC) of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE).

Purpose and Scope

In particular, the purpose of the Smart World TC is to promote the research, development, education, and applications of computational intelligence techniques embedded in everyday objects and systems, and provides a high-profile, leading-edge framework for researchers and practitioners to collaboratively advance state-of-art and innovations in the smart world context.

The Smart World TC primarily aims at porting computational intelligence techniques in resource-constrained systems embedded in physical objects interacting with the environment through sensors and actuators. The Smart World TC mainly addresses four aspects:
  • Smart Objects and Interactions
  • Smart Systems and Services
  • Smart Environments and Applications
  • Smart Things related to Personalization and Social Aspects


SWTC members are appointed for a one-year term by the CIS President following the recommendation of the SMTC Chair. The term of service expires at the end of the calendar year of the appointment. Current directory of officers and members: Smart World Technical Committee Members


The SWTC Chair is appointed by the CIS President with the agreement of the CIS EXCOM for a one-year term. The term of service expires at the end of the calendar year for which the SWTC Chair has been appointed. No more than two consecutive full terms are permitted.


There is no membership fee for joining the SWTC. Once approved by the CIS ExCom and AdCom, funds will be available to support the SWTC activities. The Chair shall be responsible for the appropriate use of the approved funds with supporting documentation.


The SWTC shall engage in various activities in order to advance the goal of the SWTC, meet the interest of the CIS, and make contributions to the CIS, including but not limited to the following: support the TC flagship conference Smart World Congress; participate actively to IEEE CIS conferences by organizing workshops/sessions and undertaking joint activities with other CIS TCs; encourage the Smart World community to join IEEE CIS; promote special issues in top journals and magazines, especially in IEEE CIS magazine and journals; edit book series covering various aspects of smart world, such as smart city, home, building, agriculture, manufacturing, etc.; launch an online News Letter publishing high quality information, insight reports and activities related to smart world; set up a website for the TC to collect smart-related information and promote SW awareness. The SWTC will also work with the organizers of CIS-sponsored conferences to insure and maintain the technical excellence, and endeavour to provide technical and planning integration to the activities of the subcommittees, which it will appoint and oversee.


Meetings will be called by the TC Chair usually once or twice per year usually before the CIS AdCom meetings. Meetings are open to all members of the committee.


This Charter becomes official after at least 2/3 members present at the Committee Meeting approves it. Subsequent changes and amendments also require 2/3 majority vote.

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