Standards Committee

1. . IEEE CIS Standards Committee offers a list of links to many popular data sets that professionals in the area of Computational Intelligence consider as data sets of choice for a variety of computational experiments and tasks such as Prediction and Prognostics, Classification, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Data Mining, Optimization, Decision Tree Generation, Intelligent Control, Linguistic Rule Extraction, Decision Support Systems in Business, Medicine and other fields. The major Computational Intelligence paradigms such as fuzzy systems, neural networks, and evolutionary algorithms can be tested by making use of suggested benchmarks
(link here: Benchmark Repository)

2. The scope of activity of the IEEE CIS Standards Committee is similar to the traditional tasks of Standards Committees working in various IEEE societies in proposing new standards (for example, we work on a new standard for fuzzy mark up language, FML). Such a standard (which is now in a process of approval and voting by IEEE-SA) will facilitate the exchange of software and other material between users (industry, researchers and academics). Previously, some work has been also done on a "Standard Background Material About Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems that can be Used by All Authors:

PC: WORD version and PDF version
MAC: WORD version and PDF version

3. An on-going work aims to standardize the variety of algorithms used for competitions in various conferences and outside of them. Ideally, contestants have to carry out experiments in exactly the same conditions (the same initial conditions, the same data sets, etc.).

Task Forces

  • New Standard Proposals, Chair: Eric Verbeek
  • Society Guidelines, Chair: Bruno Di Stefano
  • Supervision of Standardization Process, Chair: Giovanni Acampora
  • Datasets for Computational Intelligence Applications, Chair: Autilia Vitiello