Manuscript Submission

To avoid delay in processing your paper, please follow closely the following guidelines. Submission and review of new manuscripts is now done through ScholarOne Manuscripts, the IEEE’s on-line submission and review system. Please log on to and follow the directions to create an account (if a first time user) and to submit your manuscript. If the manuscript is printable (all font embedded), it will be entered into the review process. You will be able to check on the status of your manuscript during the review process. Authors are required to provide detailed contact information for every author of their paper during submission. The paper will be returned without review if any such information is missing or incorrect.

The IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems is primarily devoted to archival reports of work that have not been published elsewhere. Specifically, conference records and book chapters that have been published are not acceptable unless and until they have been significantly enhanced. In special circumstances or on exceptional occasions, the Editor-in-Chief may deem a contribution noteworthy enough to be exempted from this policy. Authors will be asked to confirm that the work being submitted has not been published elsewhere nor is it currently under review by another publication. If either of these conditions is not met or is subsequently violated, the article will be disqualified from possible publication in TNNLS.

Plagiarism in any form will be considered a serious breach of professional conduct with potentially severe ethical and legal consequences as defined in the IEEE PSPB operational manual, which can be downloaded from: