Manuscript Submission

Submission of Manuscripts

Submission and review of manuscripts is through ScholarOne Manuscripts, IEEE's on-line submission and review system. Please log on to and follow the instructions to create an account (if a first time user) and to submit your manuscript.

Manuscripts should be in our 2 column format. Please see the link below: (Templates for Transactions)

If the manuscript is printable (all font embedded), it will be entered into the review process. You will be able to check on the status of your manuscript during the review process.

TFS is primarily devoted to archival reports of work that have not been - in the main - published elsewhere. Specifically, conference records and book chapters that have been published are not acceptable unless and until they have been significantly enhanced. In special circumstances or in exceptional circumstances, the Editor may deem a contribution noteworthy enough to be exempted from this policy. Authors will be asked to confirm that the work being submitted has not been published elsewhere nor is it currently under review by another publication. If either of these conditions is not met or is subsequently violated, the article will be disqualified from possible publication in TFS.

Plagiarism in any form will be considered a serious breach of professional conduct with potentially severe ethical and legal consequences as defined in the IEEE PSPB operational manual, which can downloaded from

Submission of Manuscripts that Extend Previously Published Work

We are happy to receive manuscripts which extend previously published conference work, book chapters or other similar work. There is no fixed percentage of the manuscript that must be different; rather, the Editors and reviewers base their judgement on assessment of the additional novel contribution made in the new manuscript. Hence, both the relationship of the submitted manuscript to the previously published work and the novel contribution of the new manuscript must be made explicitly clear to the reader within the manuscript text (not just in a covering letter).  Authors should also keep in mind the following points:

  • The novel contribution of the submitted manuscript should be made explicitly clear in the abstract and conclusion, and perhaps elsewhere in the main text;
  • The amount of text copied directly from the published work should be reduced where appropriate by either changing the presentation, paraphrasing and/or summarising the previous work;
  • Where text is repeated verbatim from the published work, it should be made clear to the reader why this has been done, for example phrasing might be used of the type: "The following Section is reproduced verbatim from [REF] in order to ...";
  • The previously published paper should be attached as a supplemental file, as PDF.