Types of Contributions

Types of Contributions

TCDS manuscript types and submission length guidelines are as follows:

  • Regular paper - up to 10 double column pages
  • Correspondence paper - up to 6 double column pages
  • Survey paper - up to 15 double column pages
  • Comments paper - up to 4 double column pages

A correspondence paper is manuscript that publishes an original research contribution in a shorter form, as well as a "perspective" that includes insights into issues of wider scope than a regular paper.

A survey paper is well-focused manuscript that puts recent progress into a broader perspective and accurately assesses the limits of existing theories.

A comments paper is a paper commenting on an error one has found in, or a disagreement one has with, a previously published paper. Comment papers should comprise a significant contribution. This could be the correction of a significant error, or correction to empirical findings that may be inconsistent with the original paper, or an extension of the results in a paper that are both significant and concise. The authors of the original paper will be invited to submit a rebuttal.

Review management is primarily under the direction of an associate editor, who will solicit reviews for each submission. The associate editor will ordinarily make a recommendation after receiving three reviews. To avoid delays in processing your paper, please follow these guidelines.