Types of Contributions

Two types of contributions are considered:

  1. Regular Papers (Papers). A Paper presents significant research, development, or application of broad computational intelligence concepts. Papers should present a well-rounded treatment of a problem, which places the presented solution in the context of related research work. The maximum length for Papers is typically 20 double-spaced typed pages with 12 point font, including figures and references. Submitted manuscript must be typewritten in English in single-column format. Authors of Papers should specify on the first page of their submitted manuscript up to 5 keywords.
  2. Correspondence (Letters). A Letter is intended to serve as a vehicle for rapid publication of less discursive material. It may include brief research results, comments or correction of published results, and rebuttals in connection with previous publications. The maximum length for Letters is 8 double-spaced typed pages with 12 point font, including figures. Letters go through a shorter, one time (typically) review process.