Page Charges

Mandatory Page Charges

Effective from January 1, 2022, papers submitted to this magazine will be imposed mandatory over-length page charge for pages in excess of 10 pages for a regular paper, 15 pages for a survey paper, and 6 pages for a letter. Authors of papers accepted for publication will be assessed a mandatory page charge of $200 (per printed page) for every page* over these limits. The manuscript length (excluding supplementary materials) with over-length page charge must be less than 15 pages for a regular paper, 21 pages for a survey paper, and 9 pages for a letter.

*The over-length page charge is counted as per the number of printed paper pages in the Magazine. The number of pages in the printed paper is dependent on many factors such as compressed figures/images, non-readable tables, and call-outs. In such cases, pages are redesigned or adapted for readability and magazine style. Hence, the number of pages in the printed paper may be higher than the number of the paper pages included in the final file.

Optional Page Charges

After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author's company or institution will be encouraged to pay $110 per printed page to cover part of the cost of publication. The page charges are not obligatory, nor is their payment a prerequisite for publication.