Page Charges

Mandatory Page Charges

Effective from January 1, 2021, papers submitted to this magazine will be imposed mandatory over-length page charge for pages in excess of 10 pages for a regular paper, 15 pages for a survey paper, and 6 pages for a letter. Authors of papers accepted for publication will be assessed a mandatory page charge of $200 (per page) for every page* over these limits. The manuscript length (excluding supplementary materials) with over-length page charge must be less than 15 pages for a regular paper, 21 pages for a survey paper, and 9 pages for a letter.
*The number of pages for an accepted paper is counted as per IEEE standard two-column format, even though the conversion into magazine style usually increases pages.

Optional Page Charges

After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author's company or institution will be encouraged to pay $110 per printed page to cover part of the cost of publication. The page charges are not obligatory, nor is their payment a prerequisite for publication. The author will receive 100 free reprints without cover if the page charge is honored. Detailed guidelines on page charges will accompany the galley proofs.