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Webinar SpeakerDr Vesna Šešum-Čavić

Title: Bio-Inspired Intelligence in Coping with Complexity of Distributed Software Systems

Date & Time: Thu, Jun 6, 2019 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM EDT
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CI plays an important role in designing self-organizing software for distributed systems, which are typically characterized by a huge problem size concerning number of computing devices, clients, requests and size of queries, autonomy and heterogeneity of participating organizations, and dynamic changes of the environment. In such settings, the common approach of one central coordinator reaches its technical and conceptual limits - it represents a single point of failure with the risk of becoming a performance and availability bottleneck. To cope with unforeseen dynamics, autonomously acting components whose behaviours implement bio-inspired algorithms are a promising approach. These types of algorithms are particularly important and inevitable for the optimization and robustness of highly dynamic distributed systems. Depending on the problem area, application of bio-inspired algorithms enables different kinds of self-organization. This presentation focuses on swarm-inspired algorithms and their remarkable power that lies in coordination of all individuals and communication of “knowledge” without supervision, Swarm-inspired intelligence could help highly dynamic systems to cope with environmental changes. Specific use-cases discussed are load balancing in heterogeneous distributed systems and information retrieval in the Internet as well as how swarm intelligence can be mapped/adapted to these problems.

Biography: Vesna Šešum-Čavić is a senior scientist and university lecturer in computational intelligence, Institute of Information Systems Engineering, Compilers and Languages Group, Vienna University of Technology, Austria. Her research interests cover swarm intelligence, network optimization, p2p systems, theory and design of algorithms, combinatorial optimization, complex systems, self-organization, multi-agent systems. She was a conference chair/program committee member of international conferences. Vesna is the current Chair of Women in computational Intelligence.

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