Industry Liaison

The CIS strives to develop and promote activities directed to increase the involvement of industries and professionals in the computational intelligence arena.

The Industry Liaison Sub-Committee promotes transfers of computational intelligence technologies from researchers in universities and industrial laboratories to industries, entrepreneurs, professionals, and government agencies as part of production processes, products, or practical use in tools.
In order to accomplish the above, the following vision has been adopted for our Sub-Committee:
  • Enhance academia-industry collaboration
  • Identify and recruit more CIS industry members
  • Promote CI technology transfer from academia to industry
  • Promote IEEE activities of CIS industry members
  • Promote CI technologies offered by our CIS industry members
  • Provide benefits/incentives for academia-industry partnerships
If you are a CIS industry member and would like to help out in anyway or for any general inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Sub-Committee.

Industry Liaison Committee Chair

Derong Liu portrait
Derong Liu
Industry Liaison Committee Chair
Guangdong University of Technology

Industry Liaison Committee Member

Rajkumar Bondugula portrait
Rajkumar Bondugula
Industry Liaison Committee Member
Principal Data Scientist and Sr. Director
Equifax Data Science Lab
Gary B.  Fogel portrait
Gary B. Fogel
Industry Liaison Committee Member
Natural Selection, Inc.
Hossein Javaherian portrait
Hossein Javaherian
Industry Liaison Committee Member
Powertrain Systems Research LabGeneral Motors R&D Center
Arthur Kordon portrait
Arthur Kordon
Industry Liaison Committee Member
Kordon Consulting LLC
Danil Prokhorov portrait
Danil Prokhorov
Industry Liaison Committee Member
Toyota Research Institute North America
Toyota Technical Center
Thomas Runkler portrait
Thomas Runkler
Industry Liaison Committee Member
Corporate Technology Siemens AG
Qinglai Wei portrait
Qinglai Wei
Industry Liaison Committee Member
Chinese Academy of Sciences