Distinguished Lecturers


Plamen Angelov (2017-2019)
Lancaster University
School of Computing and Communications
Lancaster LA1 4WA
South Drive, UK
phone: +44 (0)1524510391
email: p.angelov .a_t. lancaster.ac.uk

Research Field: Neuro-fuzzy and autonomous learning systems

Lecture Topic 1: Learning Autonomously from Big Data (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Evolving Intelligent Systems (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Empirical Data Analytics (abstract)


Piero Bonissone (2017-2019)
Piero P Bonissone Analytics LLC
San Diego, California, USA
email: bonissone .a_t. gmail.com

Research Field: Industrial and Commercial Applications of Fuzzy Logic, Machine Learning, Ensemble learning and Fusion, Evolutionary Algorithms, Multi-criteria Decision Making

Lecture Topic 1: PHM Applications of Computational Intelligence (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Computational Intelligence and The Industrial Internet: Challenges and Opportunities (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Ensemble learning and analytics crowdsourcing: A lazy meta-learning application (abstract)


Carlos Coello Coello (2017-2019)
Depto. de Computación
México, D. F, 07360 MEXICO
phone: (+52 55) 5747 3800 ext: 3758 y 3756
email: ccoello .a_t. cs.cinvestav.mx

Research Field:Evolutionary multi-objective optimization

Lecture Topic 1: Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimizers: Past, Present and Future (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Using Hybrid Approaches (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Recent Results and Open Problems in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization (abstract)


Kalyanmoy Deb (2018-2020)
Michigan State University
428 S. Shaw Lane
East Lansing, Michiagn 48864 USA
phone: +1 517 930 0846
email: kdeb .a_t. egr.msu.edu

Research Field: Evolutionary Practical Optimization, Multi-Criterion Optimization, Evolutionary Multi-Level Optimization

Lecture Topic 1: Evolutionary Optimization for Practical Problem Solving (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Recent Advances in Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization and Future Studies (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Evolutionary Multi-Level Optimization (EMLO) for Hierarchical Problem Solving (abstract)


Gary Fogel (2017-2019)
6480 Weathers Place, Suite 350c
San Diego, CA 92121 USA
phone: (858) 455-6449
email: gfogel .a_t. natural-selection.com

Research Field: Computational intelligence applications in biology, chemistry, medicine, homeland security, industrial optimization

Lecture Topic 1: A Survey of Applications and Future Directions of Computational Intelligence (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Computational Intelligence Applications in Bioinformatics (abstract)


RudolfRudolf Kruse (2018-2020)
Otto-von- Guericke University
Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt 39106 Germany
phone: +49-391-67-58706
email: rudolf.kruse .a_t. ovgu.de

Research Field: Intelligent Systems: Uncertainty, Imprecision, Learning and Fusion

Lecture Topic 1: Decomposable Models: On Learning, Fusion and Revision (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Industrial Applications of Probabilistic Networks (abstract)


siegelmannHava Siegelmann (2017-2019)
University of Massachusetts Amhers
College of Information and Computer Sciences
140 Governors Dr.
Amherst, MA 01003
phone: (413) 545-4315
email: hava .a_t. cs.umass.edu

Research Field: Neural Networks and Computational Neuroscience

Lecture Topic 1: Turing and Super-Turing Computation (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Dynamics of Multistage Circadian System and Applications to JetLag (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: How brain architecture leads to abstract thought (abstract)


Alice Smith FotoAlice Smith (2018-2020)
Industrial and Systems Engineering and Computer Science and Software Engineering
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849
phone: 334 844 1460
email: smithae .a_t. auburn.edu

Research Field: Modeling and optimization of complex systems using computational intelligence

Lecture Topic 1: Blast from the Past – Revisiting Evolutionary Strategies for the Design of Engineered Systems (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Decision Science Inspired by Nature (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization (abstract)


PN Suganthan FotoPN Suganthan (2018-2020)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Nanyang Avenue
Singapore, Singapore 639798
phone: 6567905404
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .a_t. ntu.edu.sg

Research Field: Evolutionary, Swarm, Neural Classification, Neural Forecasting

Lecture Topic 1: Numerical Optimization by Differential Evolution (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Non-Iterative Learning Methods for Classification and Forecasting (abstract)


Ronald R. YagerRonald Yager (2017-2019)
Iona College
Machine Intelligence Insitute
New Rochelle, NY
phone: (212) 249-2047
email: yager .a_t. panix.com

Research Field: Fuzzy systems

Lecture Topic 1: Multi-Criteria Decision Making

Lecture Topic 2: Social Modeling using Fuzzy Sets

Lecture Topic 3: On the Modeling and Fusion of Soft Information


yinName: Yaochu Yin (2017-2019)
University of Surrey
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH, UK
phone: 01483 68 6037
email: yaochu.jin .a_t. surrey.ac.uk

Research Field: Evolutionary Optimization, Evolutionary Developmental Neural Computation, Bioinformatics

Lecture Topic 1: Data-driven evolutionary optimization: Big data versus small data (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Evolutionary large optimization (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: An evolutionary and developmental perspective of neural self-organization (abstract)