Webinar Competition Call for Submissions


IEEE CIS invites students and professionals to submit their entries to the 2015 Webinar Competition. The aim of the webinar will be to explain either a real world application of computational intelligence or an emerging topic in computational intelligence. Submissions are in two phases:

  • Phase 1: The participants should submit the title and abstract of their intended webinars. The abstract should contain no more than 500 words.
  • Phase 2: Shortlisted participants will prepare a 30-min talk and submit it to YouTube.



1st Place: 500 USD

2nd Place: 300 USD

3rd Place: 200 USD

Each prize winner will also receive an official IEEE Computational Intelligence Society prize certificate.

The IEEE CIS reserves the right to award less than three prizes, including no prize, should that be judged appropriate. The decisions made by the competition organizing committee are final.


Important Dates

Phase 1 deadline: 10 August 2015 15th October 2015

Phase 2 deadline: 30 August 2015 22nd November 2015


Judgement criteria for shortlisting and selecting the winners of the competition

  • Novelty of the real world application or the emerging topic being explained
  • Soundness
  • Relevance (there should be a clear justification of why the entry can be considered an emerging topic or a real world application of computational intelligence)
  • Popularity (number of “likes” vs “dislikes” and comments in YouTube) – note that these will be counted only until 29th November 2015
  • Presentation and clarity 


The submission must be made by a single author who must be over the age of 18.

Winners must sign a video collection form giving IEEE the right to include their video at the IEEE CIS Education Website.



Phase 1: abstract submissions should be in English. The abstract should have no more than 500 words.

Phase 2: videos must be narrated in English and be available through YouTube. The video should take no more than 30 min. At the beginning of the video, a disclaimer of “This video is submitted to the Webinar Competition 2015 supported by IEEE CIS” should be shown.



Phase 1: submit your title + abstract at 

Phase 2: submit the link to your YouTube video at the beginning of your abstract at



  • Webinars Subcommittee
  • Student Subcommittee
  • Young Professionals Subcommittee
  • Education Committee

Albert Lam <>

Leandro Minku <>

Manuel Roveri <>