Chapters constitute the geographically distributed structure of the Society. They aim to serve as a direct tie with the Society's governing bodies, and to organize seminars, lectures, technical visits, forums, panels, meetings, workshops, conferences, counseling, networking, and much more, for the IEEE CIS members as well as for the general public.

If you are an officer in an IEEE CIS Chapter, feel free to contact the IEEE CIS Chapters Subcommittee for any question you may have regarding the operation management of the Chapter. New Chapter officers are advised to study the Chapter’s Chair Reference Guide.

Our Society is actively seeking volunteers from around the world to participate in chapter creation and management. If you would like to initiate an IEEE CIS Chapter in your location, please check out the operations policies and practices for IEEE Chapters. Feel you free to contact the Chapters Subcommittee Chair or the Vice President for Members Activities for advice and assistance.


Call for proposals on Membership Promotion Activities from Chapters:

The IEEE CIS solicits proposals of Chapter initiatives for promoting IEEE CIS membership. Chapter chairs or officers are encouraged to submit a proposal from July 2015 to October 2015. For details please refer to the CFP-chapters.


Chapters Sub-Committee

CIS Chapters / CIS Student Chapters


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