Get Involved in Educational Activities

We always look for volunteers for educational activities.

Are you interested in doing anything in the educational activities areas? You are more than welcome to become one of our active members!

Here you find some examples of volunteering in these areas:

  • disseminate the information about the availability of graduate student research grants and travel grants for students and solicit submissions,
  • disseminate the information about the availability of travel grants for researchers from developing countries and solicit submissions,
  • propose multimedia tutorials for the CIS Multimedia Tutorial Center or the IEEE Expert Now program,
  • organize summer schools and propose that CIS technically cooperates to them,
  • propose and help in organizing student games-based competitions,
  • propose and cooperate in organizing pre-college activities,
  • cooperate in identifying university curricula,
  • propose and cooperate in continuing education activities,
  • contribute to the educational archive,
  • mentor students and young professionals in enhancing they knowledge in computational intelligence and related applications.

Have you other ideas for expanding our educational programs? Contact the Vice President for Education and become one of our most proactive members!

We need each and every one of YOU!