Computational Intelligence Textbooks

  • Justification/need for comprehensive textbooks:

Although there are hundreds of relevant textbooks, still there is space and need for comprehensive textbooks presenting a truly integrated approach to CI as an emerging discipline.  The success of this task would strengthen CI on a long term basis. At the same time, our goal is to reach our members and make them understanding the great opportunity associated with the design of education textbooks at the University level.

  • CI curriculum content:

A comprehensive thinking of what a good CI curriculum should need. What is available now, what is used by various universities? Give examples for successful textbooks. What is missing? We work on a well-thought out list of topics, from a holistic viewpoint, for introductory, as well as for advanced textbooks. A feedback from students who took CI courses would provide crucial support in answering the above questions.

  • Course structure:

Some of our members work actively on new comprehensive textbooks. We need to identify gaps in CI curricula and provide incentive to fill the gaps by writing textbooks. Our committee provides help to teachers and researchers by preparing recommendations for filling in existing gaps.