Types of Sponsorship

There exist two main types of sponsorship of conferences:

  1. Financial (co-)sponsorship

  2. Technical co-sponsorship

Financial sponsorship or co-sponsorship.

In this case, the IEEE CIS is involved in technical, financial, publicity and administrative aspects of the conference. Two cases are possible.

  • Sole Sponsorship

Sole sponsorship indicates full and sole CIS involvement in the conference. The CIS accepts complete responsibility for the technical, financial, publicity and administrative aspects of the conference.

  • Co-Sponsorship

Co-Sponsorship indicates a shared involvement between the CIS and other entities. These entities are other IEEE Organizational Unit(s) and/or other "Not-for-Profit" non-IEEE organizations.

It indicates a shared and significant involvement in the technical, financial, publicity and administrative areas of the conference. The relationship between sponsoring organizations must be explicitly defined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Technical Co-Sponsorship

Technical Co-Sponsorship indicates direct and substantial involvement by the IEEE CIS solely in the organization of the technical program of the conferences. The CIS has no financial involvement in the conference. Technical co-sponsorship may or may not include proceedings acquisition for IEEE Xplore.

An interval of one month from financially sponsored conferences is recommended.

Conferences with approved technical co-sponsorship will be charged a fee of $1,450 plus $22 per paper sent to IEEE Xplore to compensate for the technical co-sponsorship.

As a condition of approved technical co-sponsored and financially sponsored conference, IEEE CIS will make available IEEE CIS membership forms and promotional material regarding IEEE CIS publications and activities to the general chair and ask that they include this material in all registration packages for conference attendees.

CIS technical co-sponsorship enables the organizers to obtain the announcement of their conference in the monthly CIS newsletter, in the CIS magazine conference calendar and on the CIS website. They obtain also the right to use the CIS blog and to add the IEEE CIS logo to all conference publications and promotional materials. The IEEE name may not be used in the conference title.

It should be noted that:

  • General conference chair(s) and finance chair must be clearly involved in the preparation of the bid and one of them must present the bid to the IEEE CIS Conference Committee.
  • The approved General Chair(s), Program/Technical Chair(s) and Finance Chair(s) cannot be changed without a discussion with the IEEE CIS Conference Committee.
  • For WCCI, the three conferences must have the same structure of organizers and be equally represented in all scientific positions (panels, awards, posters, awards, etc).