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CEC Competitions

CEC-C1 Real-World Single Objective Constrained Optimization

CEC-C2 Single Objective Bound Constrained Optimization

CEC-C3 Clinical Brain Computer Interfaces Challenge

CEC-C4 Evolutionary Computation in the Energy Domain: Smart Grid Applications

CEC-C5 Robust Optimization Competition

CEC-C6 EvoMan: General Game-playing Agent Competition

CEC-C7 Multimodal Multiobjective Optimization Competition

CEC-C8 Strategy Card Game AI Competition

CEC-C9 Offline Data-Driven Evolutionary Optimization

CEC-C10 Evolutionary Multi-task Optimization

CEC-C11 Niching Methods for Multimodal Optimization

CEC-C12 Electric Vehicle Routing Problem

CEC-C13 Constrained Multiobjective Optimization

CEC-C14 Smart Grid and Sustainable Energy Systems


IJCNN Competitions

IJCNN-C1 Learning to run a power network (L2RPN)

IJCNN-C2 Vision-based Human Fall Classification Competition

IJCNN-C3 VISOB 2.0: End-To-End Visible Spectrum Ocular Biometric Matching


FUZZ Competitions

FUZZ-C1 FML-based Machine Learning Competition for Human and Smart Machine Co-Learning on Game of Go / AIoT Applications