Call for Competition Funding Applications

The IEEE CIS Education Committee has a limited budget to sponsor prizes for competitions. The application process is detailed below.

In order to be eligible for sponsorship, your competition must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be the organiser of a competition
  • You may NOT have any arrangements with other sponsors.
  • Your competition must either
  • be held in conjunction with an IEEE CIS Financially Sponsored Conference or
  • be a CIS competition run independently of a conference

The application may be made in parallel with the application to run the competition at a particular conference, or after the competition has already been approved to run at a conference.

In order to apply, the organisers should fill out our application form and submit it. Based on the applications, the sub-committee will recommend competitions to IEEE for sponsorship. The sponsored prize levels are: $500USD for first place, $300USD for second place, $200USD for third place.

The decisions about which competition entries should be rewarded with prizes is made by the respective competition organisers. These decisions must be made in accordance with our prize distribution policy.