Application Packet for IEEE CIS Technically Co-Sponsored Conferences

The application packet must be submitted by the conference general chair to the CIS Vice President for Conferences at least six months prior to the occurrence of TCS sponsored conference.

The General Chair must indicate if he/she applies for technical co-sponsorship with or without proceedings acquisition. Applying for proceedings acquisition means that the IEEE will acquire the technical content of the event, taking copyright of the papers. These papers will be published in IEEE Xplore. There is USD$1,450 fee for technical co-sponsorships, mandated by IEEE. In addition, for TCS with proceedings acquisition, there is a fee of USD$22 per paper submitted to IEEE Xplore.

The application packet must contain:

  • A draft cfp in pdf format
  • Justification for IEEE CIS support

· Statistics for the conference for the last 2 years: numbers of submissions and acceptance rates

· List of committee members, highlighting those that are CIS members

· Name of at least one IEEE CIS Technical Committee or Task Force close to the subject of the conference

· It is expected that the TCS conferences should be at least one-month apart from any CIS major conferences (i.e., WCCI, SSCI, IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE and IEEE CEC). Exception can be made only with thorough justification. Please contact TCS Subcommittee chair for seeking such an exception.

· Any other information that you wish to draw to the attention of the committee.