Conferences Committee

The Conferences Committee is responsible for overseeing the peer-reviewed technical meetings of the Society. In particular, but not limited to the following, the Conferences Committee shall:

  • prepare, develop and recommend plans for peer-reviewed technical meeting activities,
  • review proposals for peer-reviewed technical meetings,
  • recommend sponsorship, co-sponsorship, or technical co-sponsorship of peer-reviewed technical meetings,
  • make recommendations on matters concerning peer-reviewed technical meetings, including proposals for regulations on peer-reviewed technical meetings.

Proposals to organize a conference to be sponsored or co-sponsored by the Society are first approved by this Committee before being presented to the ADCOM for final approval.

The Subcommittee on Conference Activities and Communications is responsible for communicating information about CIS conferences to the CIS membership, maintains a conference calendar having to do with CIS sponsored and technically co-sponsored conferences, is responsible for encouragement of conference activities such as special sessions, competitions, tutorials, and workshops at CIS sponsored conferences and develops statistics for each CIS sponsored conference.

The Subcommittee on Conference Finances handles review and approval of budgets for financially sponsored conferences and assists conference finance chairs with budget issues.

The Subcommittee on Technical Co-Sponsorship and Future conferences has two responsibilities. Firstly, it is first responsible for the review and approval of proposals for technical co-sponsorship. Secondly, it is responsible for the research of possible venues and chairs for future instances of CIS sponsored conferences.

The Subcommittee on Conference Bids is responsible for handling review of bids for financially sponsored conferences, focusing on locations, venues, general chairs/co-chairs, dates and submission deadlines. It makes recommendations for enhancing the proposals.

The Subcommittee on Strategic Planning is in charge of analyzing general issues, discussing possibilities and brainstorming new ideas concerning the CIS policy with regard to the handling of sponsored conferences.