CIS Involvement in Conferences

The involvement of an IEEE Society in a conference can be at 3 different levels as outlined in the following.


Sponsorship indicates full and sole involvement of the society in a conference. If CIS agrees to sponsor a conference, this will mean accepting complete responsibility for the technical, financial, publicity and administrative aspects of the conference. Such conferences must include the IEEE logo and name in the conference title and all conference publications and announcements.


This indicates a shared involvement among several entities, one of which is the IEEE CIS. Other co-sponsors could be IEEE Organizational Unit(s) (societies, sections, chapters, etc.) or other "Not-for-Profit" non-IEEE organizations. For such conferences it is recommended that the IEEE logo be used in all conference publications and announcements.

Technical Co-Sponsorship

Technical Co-Sponsorship indicates direct and substantial involvement by the CIS solely in the organization of the technical program. The society has no financial involvement in the conference. The IEEE name may not be used in the conference title, but the IEEE logo may be used in conference publications and promotional materials.

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