IEEE CIS Fuzzy Systems Pioneer Award Nomination Instructions

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Fuzzy Systems Pioneer Award recognizes significant contributions to early concepts and sustained developments in the field of fuzzy systems. This award recognizes two types of pioneering contributions: (1) fundamental understanding and (2) engineering application. This Fuzzy Systems Pioneer Award is considered annually, and may be given to an individual or a group not exceeding three persons who contributed to the advancement of theory, technologies, and/or applications of fuzzy systems by inventing new technologies, creating innovative technical developments, implementing new products, or managing innovative product design or production processes. The prize includes a plaque plus US $2,500 honorarium, plus travel support for each recipient and one companion to attend award presentation in the year of the award. For those who are interested in submitting a nomination for the IEEE CIS Fuzzy Systems Pioneer Award, the materials needed are the following:


•Nomination Letter with the following information:

•Nominator: name, affiliation and email address of nominator

•Nominee: name, affiliation, postal address, email address and webpage address of nominee

•Basis for Nomination: detailed documentation that includes:

•Category of nomination: Identification of the category of pioneering contribution as either (1) fundamental understanding or (2) engineering application.

• Scope of the evaluation window: Significance of contribution made at least 15 years prior to the award date. The Pioneer Award is not a lifetime achievement award. The nomination should specifically describe technical contribution(s) that occurred at least 15 years prior to the year of the Award. • Nomination Focus: The nomination should focus on at least one, and at most three major technical contributions, which had realized impact and verifiable evidence. The impact and evidence of those contributions, as well as possible spinoffs (e.g. patents or follow-up papers), might be more recent, but they must be clearly associated by the nominator with the original contribution. Please discuss the pioneering nature of cited contribution in light of the category of nomination, the impact on the industry, economy, government, and society, and the impact on neural networks research and development from the point of view of theory, technologies, and/or applications.

•Proposed Citation: provide suggestion for the complete, correct, and succinct citation. The Awards Committee reserves the right to make any necessary change on the citation.

•Up to five reference letters supporting the nomination.

Failing in providing the above due material will negatively affect the nomination evaluation.

Your nomination is to be submitted as a single PDF file via the 2024 IEEE CIS Awards Nomination online form by April 30 (strict deadline). Self-nominations are not allowed.