Call for Nominations for IEEE CIS ADCOM Elections - Term 2013-2015

Each year, five members of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society are elected by the voting members of the Society to serve on the ADCOM for 3-year terms. The ADCOM represents the members of the Society, defines the strategic goals of the Society, approves the plans for the Society's activities, approves the Society's budget, amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, appoints Society officers, and authorizes the expenditure of Society funds. Members of the ADCOM are expected to attend annual meetings and be involved in Society activities.

 Eligibility:  All members of the Society of grade higher than Student member and in good standing at the time of the election are eligible to be nominated to the ADCOM. Each nominee shall be consulted prior to the nomination to see if he/she will serve.


There are two ways to nominate a candidate:

1) Via nomination through the IEEE CIS Nominations Committee. Please email the name of the nominee and full contact information, and the information that the candidate has been contacted and has agreed to serve if elected to IEEE CIS Nominations Committee Chair, Gary G. Yen (, c/o IEEE CIS Executive Administrator Jo-Ellen B. Snyder (

 The deadline for submitting nominations to the above email addresses is May 31, 2012. The Nominations Committee will invite the nominees to provide a 200-word vita, screen the candidates, and submit at least 10 names for the society-wide election of ADCOM members.

2) Via petition. A valid nomination by petition from the Society's members is guaranteed to put a candidate on the ADCOM electoral ballot. Nominations by petition in 2012 must include at least 137 valid signatures of Society members and need to be submitted in writing (no fax/emails acceptable) to


 IEEE CIS President, Dr. Marios Polycarpou
c/o Jo-Ellen B. Snyder, CIS Executive Administrator
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
445 Hoes Lane
P.O. Box 1331, Piscataway, NJ  08855


 Alternatively, petitions and signatures can be also submitted electronically through a petition web site established and managed by the IEEE. If you are interested in opening a petition web site, please contact Jo-Ellen B. Snyder, IEEE CIS Executive Administrator