Evolutionary Computation Technical Committee Task Forces

Task Forces

The purpose of task forces (TF) is to build an active and healthy infrastructure to promote specific well-focused topical areas within EC to ensure continuing growth and vitality of the CIS. The Chair of each TF is recruited by the Chair of ECTC and serves for one-year term. The TF chair position is renewable.

Anyone in the EC community may propose the formation of a TF. The TF proposal must be submitted in writing to the ECTC chair and shall contain the purpose of the TF, the anticipated interest in the topic area, proposed activities, and an initial membership list. TF membership may include individuals who do not hold membership in the CIS. The TF is established if a majority of the ECTC members vote for approval. TFs shall remain in existence until dissolved by a majority vote of the ECTC members.

Each TF shall submit an annual activity report to the ECTC chair. The report must be submitted not less than 30 days prior to the annual ECTC meeting.

The TF chair must be a CIS member.


Task Forces