IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Adcom Election Announcement

CIS will launch the Annual Election on 4 October to elect the following positions:

Five ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)

One ADCOM Member-at-Large (2024-2025) - to fill vacancy

The CIS Nominations Committee has followed the process outlined in our governing documents and has selected the candidates below for your consideration.  Their biography and position statements are available for you to review in preparation for the election.  A few additional reminders are below.

The ADCOM is responsible for governing and administering the Society, in the best interests of the IEEE, the CIS members, and the scientific and professional worldwide communities in the areas of the CIS field of interest.

In particular, but not limited to the following, the ADCOM is responsible for:

(a) approving strategic and development plans for CIS activities,

(b) approving governance regulations, including amendments to the Constitution, these Bylaws

and the Operations Manual,

(c) approving agreements with other entities for joint activities,

(d) electing the Officers and supervising the organizational structure of the Society,

(e) approving the annual budget and authorizing the expenditure of funds,

(f) approving plans for creating, developing, and terminating Technical Committees,

(g) approving plans for developing and promoting technical meetings,

(k) approving plans for members activities,

(l) approving plans for industrial and governmental (I&G) activities,

(m) approving plans for creating, developing, and terminating I&G Committees,

(n) approving recommendations for bestowing Society awards,

(o) approving initiatives for standards.

(h) approving plans for technical meetings,

(i) approving plans for publications and appointing the Editors-in-Chief of the IEEE archival

journals sponsored or co-sponsored by the CIS,

(j) approving plans for educational initiatives,

The CIS bylaws allow for candidates by a written petition or by majority vote at a nomination meeting of the Society, provided such nominations are made at least 28 days before the date of election.  Anyone seeking to complete a petition must notifiy the Society by 10 August with completed petitions submitted by 10 September.  All notifications should be made to

ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)

Guilherme  DeSouza portrait
ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)
Pauline Haddow portrait
ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)
Haibo He portrait
ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)
Catherine Huang portrait
ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)
Hisao Ishibuchi portrait
ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)
Min Jiang portrait
ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)
Jialin Liu portrait
ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)
Nelishia Pillay portrait
ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)
Dongrui Wu portrait
ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)
Bing Xue portrait
ADCOM Members-at-Large (2024-2026)

ADCOM Member-at-Large (2024-2025) - to fill vacancy

Davide Bacciu portrait
ACCOM Member-at-Large (2024-2025) - to fill vacancy
Alessandro Sperduti portrait
ACCOM Member-at-Large (2024-2025) - to fill vacancy
Marley Vellasco portrait
ACCOM Member-at-Large (2024-2025) - to fill vacancy