IEEE CIS Distinguished Lecturers and Available Talks


M Tanveer36M. Tanveer (2024 – 2026) (abstract)
Indian Institute of Technology Indore
606, POD 1A, Indian Institute of Technology Indore
Simrol, Indore 453552, India

Lecture Topic 1: Ensemble deep random vector functional link for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis

Lecture Topic 2: Large scale support vector machine algorithms and applications

Lecture Topic 3: Graph embedded based randomized algorithms for class imbalance learning

Narayan Srinivasa 01 lrg webNarayan Srinivasa, IEEE Fellow (2024 – 2026) (abstract)
Intel Corporation
2200 Mission College Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Lecture Topic 1: On Solving Hard Optimization Problems in an Energy Efficient Way

Lecture Topic 2: Opportunities, Challenges, and Threats Using Synthetic Data for AI

Lecture Topic 3: Machine Learning & Neuromorphic Computing

 XiaodongLiXiaodong Li, IEEE Fellow (2024 – 2026) (abstract)

School of Computing Technologies, RMIT University
Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia


Lecture Topic 1: Large-Scale Optimization and Learning

Lecture Topic 2: Decision Making in Evolutionary Optimization and Beyond

Lecture Topic 3: Adaptive Solution Prediction via Machine Learning for Large-Scale Combinatorial Optimization

Lecture Topic 4: Niching Methods for Multimodal Optimization

Lecture Topic 5: From Nature-inspired Computation to Machine Learning 

OngYewSoon70Ong Yew Soon, IEEE Fellow (2024 – 2026) (abstract)

School of Computer Science and Engineering, 
Nanyang Technological University
Block N4, 2a-28, Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798

Center for Frontier AI Research
Agency for Science, Technology and Research
1 Fusionopolis Way, #16-16, Connexis North Tower, Singapore 138632

Lecture Topic 1: Artificial Intelligence for Global Good

Lecture Topic 2: Towards General Optimization Intelligence

Lecture Topic 3: Insights on Multifactorial Evolution: Towards Multitasking Optimization

Lecture Topic 4:Jack and Masters of all Trades: One-Pass Learning Sets of Model Sets from Large Pre-

Lecture Topic 5: From Gradient-Based to Gradient-Free Deep Learning of Physics

Dipankar Dasgupta

Dipankar Dasgupta, IEEE Fellow (2022-2024) (abstract)

William Hill Professor of Computer Science

Director, Center for Information Assurance (CfIA)
The University of Memphis

IA center: 

Topic 1: Computational Intelligence in Cybersecurity (abstract)

Topic 2: Adversarial Machine Learning and Defense Strategies (abstract)

Topic 3: Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication & Cyber Identity (abstract)

Topic 4: Advances in Immunological Computation (abstract)

Topic 5: AI vs AI: Viewpoints (abstract)

Topic 6: Generative AI from Historical Perspectives  (abstract)

Carlos CoelloCarlos A. Coello Coello (2022-2024)
CINVESTAV-IPN, Department of Computer Science, 
Mexico City, MEXICO


Lecture Topic 1: An Overview of Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Recent Research Topics in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization: A Personal Perspective (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Where is the research on evolutionary multi-objective optimization heading to? (abstract)

JiePhotoWebsiteJie Lu (2022-2024) 
University of Technology Sydney 



Lecture Topic 1: Fuzzy Transfer Learning (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Concept Drift Detection and Adaptation (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Recommender Systems using Computational Intelligence: Methodologies and Applications (for undergraduate students and industries) (abstract)

Lecture Topic 4: Data - Learning - Decision: Innovation and Impact (for undergraduate students and industries)  (abstract)

Nikhil PalNikhil Ranjan Pal (2022-2024) 
Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit
Head, Center for Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
Indian Statistical Institute
Calcutta 700108, India

 Lecture Topic 1: Neural networks with some applications for beginners (For undergraduate students) (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Fuzzy systems for dimensionality reduction and manifold learning (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Artificial Intelligence Everywhere – how ready are we for it? (abstract)

Lecture Topic 4:  How to make my neural and neuro-fuzzy systems parsimonious?(abstract)

Tingwen Huang

Tingwen Huang (2022 - 2024)
Texas A&M University at Qatar,
Doha, Qatar


 Lecture Topic 1: Efficient Computational Approaches and Their Applications (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Distributed Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems with or without Attacks (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Dynamics of Neural Networks and Their Applications (abstract)

HHussein Abbass (2022 - 2024)
School of Engineering and Information Technology
University of New South Wales,
Canberra, Australia

Lecture Topic 1: Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present and Future (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: A Proposed Presentation to Undergraduate Students and Industry Analysts Machine Learning for Data Science: An Introduction (abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Shepherding: Biologically inspired Distributed AI-Enabled Human Swarm Teaming (abstract)

Lecture Topic 4: From Machine Learning to Machine Education (abstract)


Ujjwal Maulik (2022 - 2024)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Lecture Topic 1: Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare (abstract)

Lecture Topic 2: Machine Learning and Data Science: Fundamental and Challenges(abstract)

Lecture Topic 3: Computational Intelligence for Computational Biology(abstract)

Lecture Topic 4: Single and Multi-objective Data Clustering (abstract)

Alice Smith Foto

Alice E.Smith, IEEE  Fellow (2023-2025) (abstracts)

Joe W. Forehand/Accenture Distinguished Professor

Industrial and Systems Engineering Department

Auburn University



Lecture Topic 1: Decision Science Inspired by Nature

Lecture Topic 2: Evolutionary Strategies for Design Of Engineered Systems

Lecture Topic 3: Nature Guided Design Optimization in Continuous Space

Lecture Topic 4: Bi-Objective Evolutionary Strategies for Design Optimization

Lecture Topic 5: Facility Design of Order Picking Warehouses Using Evolutionary Strategies

Lecture Topic 6: Drones For Last Mile Logistics with A Medical Humanitarian Application

Lecture Topic 7: Understanding The Journal Paper Process and Writing Papers That Will Be Chosen For Publication (designed for PHD students and newer faculty members, not a research presentation)

Lecture Topic 8: Women in Computational Intelligence – Current Research

Lecture Topic 9: Women Led Research in Computational Intelligence (abstract)

MandicDanilo P. Mandic, IEEE Fellow (2023-2025) (abstracts)

Professor of Signal Processing

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Imperial College



Lecture Topic 1: Machine Intelligence on Graphs

Lecture Topic 2: Machine Intelligence for eHealth: Hearables for 24/7 Doctorless Hospitals?

Lecture Topic 3: Tensor Decompositions for Big Data Applications: Low-complexity Deep Neural Networks

Lecture Topic 4: Interpretable Convolutional NNs and Graph CNNs: Role of Domain Knowledge

 andersonDerek Anderson, IEEE Senior Member (2023-2025) (abtracts)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department

The University of Missouri-Columbia



Lecture Topic 1: What is a Good Information Fusion Explanation?

Lecture Topic 2: Generalized Fuzzy Extension Principle and Its Application to Information Fusion

Lecture Topic 3: Explainable Fuzzy Fusion Networks

Lecture Topic 4: Game Engines for Training and Understanding Computational Intelligence Algorithms (this topic might be suitable for beginners/ undergraduate students/industries)


G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, IEEE Fellow (2023-2025) (abstracts)

Duke Energy Distinguished Professor of Power Engineering 

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Clemson University



Lecture Topic 1: Distributed Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Smart Grids

Lecture Topic 2: Swarm Intelligence and Applications in Power and Energy Systems

Lecture Topic 3: Computational Intelligence (CI) with Emphasis on Undergraduate Education