Under the supervision of the Conference Committee, Task Forces (TFs) are responsible for activities that promote the development and support of regional technical meetings, specifically in regions where additional support and guidance would be beneficial. Typical examples of the focused activities include organizing symposia, and workshops, for the IEEE CIS sponsored conferences.

Each Task Force shall have a Chair, one or two Vice Chairs, and some TF Members. The Vice President must approve the appointment of the Task Force Chair. The TF Members should ideally number between 10 and 20.

The terms of the Task Force Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Members are one year beginning January 1, through December 31. No more than four consecutive full terms as the TF Chair of the same Task Force is permitted.

The creation, termination and name change of Task Forces need the approval of the Vice President for Conferences and the President of the IEEE CIS. A proposal for a new Task Force is initiated by the IEEE CIS Conference Committee or a Conference Sub-committee Chair and submitted to the Vice President for Conferences. The proposal shall include (i) the proposed name of the Task Force; (ii) the proposed Task Force Chair, one or two Vice Chairs, and a number of Members; (iii) a short biography of the TF Chair and the TF Vice-Chair(s); (iv) justification for the creation (e.g., scope and mission); (v) focused regional area, and (vi) a list of planned regional activities.

Task Force shall maintain a website for the Task Force, including the name of the Task Force, the scope and mission, the name and contact details of the Chair and Vice Chairs and a list of Members. Events organized or planned by the Task Force shall also be included.


Current Task Forces:

Computational Intelligence in Latin America

Please ensure that your proposal:

Presents the organizing committee (OC)

  • Include the names of people who will who have been invited and have confirmed to serve in key OC positions:
    • GC(s), Program/Technical Chair(s), Finance Chair(s), Local chair(s) and Diversity and Inclusion Chair[ a newer IEEE requirement
    • include previous conference organizing experience (a full bio is not required) and if they are IEEE CIS members (membership number not required)
  • ensure that the OC covers diversity in terms of gender, region and conference organizing experience.
  • It is encouraged to consider including competitions and the inclusion of a Competition chair.

Describes the benefits of your chosen location

  • transportation
    • accessibility for international travellers
    • accessibility between venue and hotels and to social attractions
  • ·possibilities to attract local delegates
  • accommodation
    • range of hotels to meet different budgets (costs and distance to the venue)

Demonstrates that the chosen venue is of an appropriate size for the event

  • rooms
    • sufficient number/size of rooms for parallel activities
    • keynote room large enough for all delegates
    • It is helpful to provide a simplified technical program from a previous event, adjusted to your plans, to illustrate the 'fit' to the venue.

Highlights the social events planned

  • all events should have a banquet in a room with sufficient capacity for all delegates
  • all events need to either provide lunch or provide access to lunch, enabling service and return within the lunch break

Provides an overview of key dates and deadlines

  • Conference Dates
    • ensure that the chosen event dates are available/reserved at the venue
  • Call for Proposals for Special sessions, Workshops, Tutorials and Competitions
  • Paper Submission deadline, Author Notification deadline and Camera Copy deadline
  • Early registration Deadline

Provides a budget in the IEEE Financial Reporting form (IEEE budget worksheet).

  • It is recommended to use the quickstart form of the IEEE budget
  • Explain the number of delegates and paper submissions expected
  • If any conditions are attached to costs, please clarify, i.e. minimum hotel room coverage requirements
  • include any (confirmed) sponsorships

Describes how your event seeks to:

  • increase/maintain the quality/attractiveness of the event
  • improve/maintain the quality of conference papers
  • increase/maintain networking
  • increase industry participation

Checklist on submission:

Have you remembered to:

  • present the organizing committee (OC)
  • describe the benefits of your chosen location
  • show how the event would 'fit' into your chosen venue
  • provide an overview of key dates and deadlines
  • confirm that the event dates are available at the venue
  • prepared a budget in the IEEE budget worksheet form.
  • provide a description of your ideas/initiatives for improving/maintaining quality and addressing networking and industry participation.
  • included any additional promotional material

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Student Participation and Travel Grant Program offers a limited number of grants to assist IEEE Student Members presenting papers at IEEE CIS-sponsored conferences. Applications for each conference must be received through the Grant Application System no later than the posted deadline which are provided by the respective conferences. IEEE CIS reserves the right not to process late or incomplete applications.

Participation grants are provided for online participation at virtual or hybrid conferences, where we waive the registration fees for you.

Travel grants are offered for face-to-face or hybrid conferences. We offer a fixed amount of traveling reimbursement.

The purpose of this subcommittee is to increase, promote and support competitions held within CIS conferences

The Subcommittee on Strategic Planning is in charge of analyzing general issues, discussing possibilities and brainstorming new ideas concerning the IEEE CIS policy with regards to the handling of sponsored conferences. The Subcommittee on Strategic Planning proposes changes to the IEEE CIS policy to the Conference Committee, when applicable. The Subcommittee on Strategic Planning consists of a chair in charge of these duties and a subcommittee membership.

Conference Strategic Planning Chair

Pauline Haddow portrait
Pauline Haddow
Conference Strategic Planning Chair
Department of Computer Science
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Conference Strategic Planning Members

Hisao Ishibuchi portrait
Hisao Ishibuchi
Conference Strategic Planning Members
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Southern University of Science and Technology
Albert Y.S.  Lam portrait
Albert Y.S. Lam
Conference Strategic Planning Members
Fano Labs, Hong Kong & The University of Hong Kong
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong
Andy M.  Tyrrell portrait
Andy M. Tyrrell
Conference Strategic Planning Members
Department of Electronic Engineering
University of York